Benefits of working with us


  • When you work with us, you work with US.  We believe that you should not be passed along to support staff or junior advisors. Continual communication comes from Rich, Todd and/or Denny and it is one of our strong beliefs that ongoing and honest discussions lead to successfully meeting your changing needs and financial goals.  We know each other’s clients and consider all clients, large and small, a part of our team.


  • We believe in the “KEEP IT SIMPLE” method.  Why do advisors make investing more complicated than it should be?


  • This is our calling.  We are terrible singers and average golfers.  Unlike many we read about on Wall Street, we do this job because we enjoy being professional problem-solvers and helping people meet their goals, whatever those goals may be.  We believe that our enthusiasm for this line of work translates into a positive and optimistic tone within our office.  We want you to enjoy the ride as well as the destination.


  • “Hedonic adaptation is the psychologist’s way of saying the novelty wears off.  Pretty soon that smart TV you were saving up for is going to become just another thing you own.  It’s the same with achieving the income you have your eye on:  Your lifestyle adapts, and you’re back to wanting more.  Focus on experiences-brunches with friends, interesting vacations-and less on actual things. Compared to fancy things, psychologists say, happy memories are adaptation-proof.” (Fast Company,  2013).

What do we take away from this?  Money and financial planning are just a means to achieving the important things in life-family, friends, travel, in a nutshell-creating memories.  We try to have our clients never forget this!!