What is unique about us

While every advisor thinks he or she is unique, we break down our differentiation into four categories:



1)  Our skill set versus our age:  While the average age of the three of us is only 40 years old, we also have over 40 years of business and financial experience working for you.  While we have a lot of initials after our names, how does having a young and experienced team help?  It helps because you want someone there as your long-term advisor as you enter retirement and ultimately pass your estate to your loved ones.  If your current financial advisor is nearing retirement, what is the chance they will still be working in the next 10 or 20 years when you will need them?  We have the age and experience to be the perfect choice.

2)  Education is our focus:  We are instructors on numerous topics involving money management and financial planning. 

Topics have included

Educational and corporate locations including  

  • Estate planning
  • Retirement distribution
  • Investments
  • Financial planning
  • Insurance
  • Health care
  • Social security
  • Business succession planning and retirement planning 

College of Lake County, Harper College, Concordia University, Good Shepard Hospital, United Way, Advocate Health Systems, Christ Hospital, Worldbook, Bradford Exchange, McCormick Spice, Carmel High School, Libertyville and Vernon Hills High School District 128; Crystal Lake Park District; Highland Park and Deerfield High School District 113; District 211 including Palatine High School, Conant High School, Fremd High School, Schaumburg High School, and Hoffman Estates High School; Mundelein Senior Center; Libertyville Park District, Cook Memorial Library in Libertyville; and Fremont Public Library in Mundelein.

  We strongly believe that it is our duty to pass along our financial knowledge to the communities in which we live and work.

3)  We are local guys:  All of us grew up in the Chicago suburbs and understand the importance of working hard and developing trust in the local community.  Our reputation is everything and we come to work every day with the attitude of stewards who strive to be an important and trusting part of your family’s financial future.  That is how our parents raised us.

4)  We believe strongly in Risk Management:  If you want to just ride the market ups and downs, we are not the firm for you.  We believe that every client of ours has a unique risk profile.  After taking the time to analyze each client’s risk profile and goals, we start to develop our recommendations to meet the client’s short and long-term goals.  Whether you are many years into retirement and have an extremely conservative risk profile or a young entrepreneur with an aggressive risk profile, we are able to customize a unique strategy to fit your needs.  Because the team’s clientele consists predominantly of retirees and pre-retirees, “we’re more concerned with helping our clients protect their assets on the downside than gaining every ounce on the upside.”  says team member, Richard Babjak.